Vientiane to Thakthe

Thakthe Laos

Notes from the Road: Southern Laos

“We departed the capital of Vientiane and headed south for the caves of Kong Lor. Be warned: it’s a fairly long drive and the road is bumpy! However every bump is worth it for the spectacular views on the drive into Kong Lor village.”

Stray Travel | 2015

Thakhek and spectacular Konglor Cave – Southern Laos

“After a pick-up in a sŏrngtăaou (2-row small truck) from the Bayern Guesthouse in Vientiane, we were dropped off south of the city along the highway…dumped, we thought. However, the sŏrngtăaou driver waited with us and got himself a Baguette until the larger bus arrived, which wasn’t very crammed at all…a first in Laos!”

Image Earth Travel | 2014

Laos Motorcycle Adventure – The South

“From here you are offered views of the Mekong River and at times right over to Thailand. Limestone cliffs begin to rise from the ground and the foliage becomes denser. About 100km from Thakhek trucks start to come at you from the opposing direction. Mixed with speeding cars and buses overtaking from all sides you need to remain vigilant. Views are pleasant.”

Nomadasaurus | 2014


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