Vientiane to Phonsavan

Hot Days, Bumpy Roads, and Mystery Blondes – Vientiane and Phonsavan 

“After spending so many hours on Lao buses, we decided it was time to rethink our travel plans and, as a result, had to eliminate the 13-hr trip from Phonsavan to the remote town of Sam Neua. We had neither the time nor patience to travel the mountainous 330km path between the two locations, despite the strong urge to get so far off the beaten path. We also decided to rent a car and drive ourselves to Phonsavan to visit the Plain of Jars.”

Momentus Studio | Date unknown

Vientiane, and onward to Phonsavan

“11+ hours of listening to a mix of Thai soft rock and Lao karaoke pop pelting full blast from an overhead speaker, whilst the bus weaves in and out of its lane on a mountain road honking indiscriminately might be someone’s idea of a fun ride but it certainly wasn’t mine.”

The Wandering Miltonian | 2011


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