Vientiane to Pakse / 4000 Islands

Two Night Visit in Hippyesque 4000 Islands

“Having said that, we stopped a couple of times during the night after hearing weird noises from the bus. Since we finally arrived at Pakse, the bus driver and his co-driver apparently figured the problem out. These kind of vehicle-related issues are very common in poorer Southeast Asia countries such as Laos and Cambodia.”

Flowing Firm | 2017

Life & Death in Laos

” The bus consists of two levels of bunks, and if you are not intimately associated with your sleeping partner before the ride, you will be after, as the bunks are cozy. ”

Leaving Ourselves Behind | 2017

Vientiane to 4000 Islands – Don Det in 48 hours 

“We were delighted to find that our Winnie the Pooh themed sleeper bus did in fact have reasonable sized bunks and were looking forward to some sleep.”

Batman & Robinson | 2013

Vientiane to the 4000 Islands in the south of Laos, visit of Don Kong before Cambodia.

“We take the 8:30 pm departure, they distributed a water bottle and a packet of fried rice which are included in the ticket. The trip goes well we ended up sleeping like babies.

Get lost in Asia | 2011

Sleeping the Miles away

“I’d say this bus was comfier than the Vietnamese sleeper buses, but that could be because I was able to invade a lot of Kirsty’s space to fit. The length of the bed is probably about 5ft 5, perfect for Kirsty but a little on the short side for me.”

No Place to be | 2011


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