Vientiane to Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok thailand

Vientiane to Bangkok by Bus

“I opted for a 6 hour journey to stopover in Khon Kaen for a night then forwarded to Bangkok the following morning.”

Live Less Ordinary | 2017

Vientiane to Bangkok by Sleeper Train

“Probably the only benefit of organising it yourself is that you can arrive at the train station in your own time, leaving you more time to explore Vientiane.”

Don’t let Diabetes Stop You | 2016

Vientiane to Bangkok by Train!

” I did the ordering, one at a time, in consciously slow, articulate English and hand signals, since the woman’s comprehension of English seemed limited. Our tickets were correct and together. Yay.”

V for Vacay | 2013

Train Travel from Laos to Thailand

“For the first few hours of the journey, the beds are put away and you sit in seats, with the option to order a hot meal (Tom Yum soup, anyone?) or snack, such as potato chips or a candy bar. At about 9 p.m., the train crew comes through and converts the cabin.”

Leave Your Daily Hell | 2012

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