Luang Prabang to Sapa

How to get from Luang Prabang to Sapa

“Suddenly drivers voice screaming Sapa,Sapa woke us up. It was half past 3 in the morning and we all still half asleep jumped out from the bus. It was raining with freezing temparature around 13 degrees. What a cold reception from rice kingdom. The drivers obviously was driving like a crazy as we arrived almost 3 hours earlier than planned. As we later found out taking sleeping bus on that road during night was very dangerous so we will try to never repeat it again. On the street they were guys already waiting and trying to sell us accomodation for crazy prices. We better jumped in to the taxi and left to Mountain View hostel where we¬†unfortunately¬†could check in at 6 a.m. but they offered us carpet in common area to get some sleep and wait till morning.”

From Office to Beach | 2015


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