HCMC / Saigon to Siam Reap, Cambodia

Siam Reap

Crossing Border, Ho Chi Minh to Siam Reap

“I inspected the bus because I read some reviews online that described it as old and worn out. To some extent, the reviews were true; the bus does look outdated, but then again, I’d seen worse back in my country. All in all, my experience with Mekong Express was good. I liked that the backrest of the seat has a support for the lower back, which enabled me to bear the long travel comfortably. I also appreciated the bottled water and some pastries that they provide for snacks to the passengers.

The bus conductor is a dark-skinned man with chinky eyes. Unlike the bus conductor in the Philippines, he doesn’t issue tickets, his role is to make announcements and to assist the passengers on what they should do during border crossing. He delivered his announcements, first in Khmer language, then in English, neither of which I was able to understand due to his accent. I just stared at him helplessly as I failed to grasp the message he was trying to convey.”

Coffehan | 2016

Liveblog: Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh City by bus

“After about an hour, we inexplicably stopped along the side of the road. The driver got out but came back a few minutes later (bathroom break? Who knows). Back on the road. Most people on the bus are asleep…which seems like a solid plan to me. Well, the WiFi that had been working so well is not really working now. This is really frustrating as I was almost finished with my first blog post about Bangkok. I really hope it gets better again. Maybe it is because we’re in the middle of the Cambodian countryside so the signal isn’t as strong? I have no idea.

Roadside stop somewhere in Cambodia Roadside stop somewhere in Cambodia We stopped for a 20-minute break in Kampong Thom. We do have a toilet on board the bus, but it is kinda like on an airplane: don’t use it unless you have to. After a quick bathroom break, we wandered around the market for a bit and I bought a mango.”

Mary in Zambia | 2015

Overland from Ho Chi Minh City to Siem Reap by Mekong Express bus

“The Mekong Cat express has good departure position, Pham ngu Lao Street. They also give free pick-up from nearby accomodation. I would recommend to survey the departure location a day before because the building sign does not indicated clearly (in case you do not get free pick up or wake up late). The bus will depart at 7 AM so make sure you are already there in time. Inside the bus, the attendant will give you some instruction and ask you to collect your passport, filled embarkation card (they will give you the blank card)  and 1 USD (they said that this is for service fee).”

Gunaadi.com | 2016

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