Hanoi to Ninh Binh / Tam Coc

Hanoi to Ninh Binh Tam Coc

Tam Coc: A Day Trip from Hanoi, Vietnam

“It’s hard to say whether Tam Coc and its spectacular canals, karstic rock formations, rice fields stretching along the Ngo Dong River, limestone grottoes that you carefully pass through so you don’t bump your head into the wall above, became popular after Indochine won the Oscar in 1993, and word spread that some scenes were shot in Tam Coc, or the fact that travellers were tired of Halong Bay and therefore decided to opt for a less known natural site.”

Nomad is Beautiful | 2017

Ninh Binh: A Detailed Travel Guide to Vietnam’s Hidden Gem

“First things first. If you’re still in doubt if you should go to Ninh Binh or not, my answer is YES. DEFINITELY YES. Personally, now I can’t believe how I was considering dropping Ninh Binh from my trip!”

Geeky Explorer | 2016

Why cycling in NINH BINH should be on your Vietnam list

“Don’t even think of renting a scooter, get a bicycle instead (1$/day). Ninh Binh is cycling Nirvana. As soon as we get out of ‘town’ we can spot plenty of tiny roads on the small dams between the ponds. Goats are running ahead of us. Quaking ducks rush into a pool as we pass by. Surreal.”

Tapir Tales | 2016

Overnight trip from Hanoi: Bike riding in Ninh Binh

“Ninh Binh is beautiful. Oh, did I say that already? Ninh Binh is stunning. I’d arrived after dark, so everything rolled out before me like a surprise. Limestone burst from the paddies, soaring above me, forested and rugged. Rivers flowed around and through and under. Some rice paddies were yellow, some green, some flooded with muddy water.”

Top Bunk Philosopher | 2015

Escape to Ninh Binh

“Though the town may have little of interest, the surrounding area offers plenty of options for travelers who want to spend a few days discovering the wealth of natural attractions without the choking crowds that you will find in places like HaLong Bay.”

Kyle Hammons | 2011

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