Hanoi to China

Hanoi to China

The Train from Hanoi to Nanning

“And what an interesting walk it was, crossing over the long, rusty train and motorcycle bridge. The bridge was just as vibrant as anywhere else in Hanoi with people selling food, jogging, driving the wrong way, or just walking out to admire the view. ”

Egg Banana Travels | 2016

Hanoi to Nanning, China by Sleeper Train

“God knows how many passengers were on the train but there were an awful lot of them – with only three being Westerners, the rest either Chinese or Vietnamese.”

The Meandering Wanderers | 2016

Taking the Bus from Hanoi to Nanning

“There were no assigned seats on the bus and even though we arrived a half an hour early, most seats were already taken.”

Earth Trekkers | 2015

Vietnam to China, Visas and Land Crossings

“There are no overnight busses there, which meant I’d be staying in the border town of He Kou for the night.  Luckily, it’s a nice little town – for a border town ”

Be My Travel Muse | 2014


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