Chiang Mai to Sukhothai

Central roads: Chiang Mai to Sukhothai

“There were two other tourists both doing their best to ignore me as is customary for tourists in Thailand to do on a local bus. The unwritten royal rule of “We are in Thailand so we shall pretend to be the only tourists here.” My saving grace was that I had both seats to myself far from them. The irony was joyfully lost with the added leg and buttocks room.”

The Longest Way Home | 2015

A weekend getaway to Sukothai. The ancient ruins of old Thailand.

“Tips for the Chiang Mai to Sukothai bus – EAT and BRING FOOD and WATER.  The bus stops for about a minute to pick up/drop off passengers but it’s not enough time to really get off the bus unless you run out and ask them to wait for you.  The total trip time was around 5-6 hours even though it was advertised as 4, but it varies depending on traffic.  Bus tickets were around 300 baht.  ($10)”

Johnny FD | 2014

Chiang Mai to Sukhothai and back again

“Since we were there during a major holiday we didn’t experience an everyday town experience and many places were closed. But I would recommend going to Sukhothai for Songkran because it was much more contained and manageable than CM. The folks were apologetic when pouring a small bowl bucket over you or when patting you with powder.

I think it has more of the authentic Thai feeling. We saw so many children, as it does seem such a great holiday for kids. But if you are looking for the parties, 20something crowd, and being around foreigners, then the bigger cities will be much more to your liking. Either way, we’ll see how Songkran develops through the years…”

Life, The Universe and Lani


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