Chiang Mai to Pai

From Chiang Mai to Pai: A Ride through the Jungle

“ut even with Buddha watching our back, the road slowly engulfed our senses. With the Thai summer heat smashing down upon us, as we climbed higher into the mountain passes the scale of the journey and the unbearingly slow pace of our scooters began to take its toll. Every corner in the mountains held a beautiful view, but every corner also held the increasingly distressing chance of a truck hurtling around the bend on the wrong side of the road. Here and there you could see the aftermath of a crash, maybe recent, or perhaps from years past. It didn’t matter though. all that mattered was this road was dangerous.”

Travel Tramp | 2015

Chiang Mai to Pai by Minibus – Mini Getaway 

“The ride from Chiang Mai starts out fine, but about halfway in, it starts to get very windy. There is a pit stop after an hour and half where you can use the restroom as well as get snacks and food if you like. I took advantage of this to get myself centered again.

They claim that there is 762 turns on the road to Pai (The road going to Tianmen Mountain in China has 99 bends). I believe them. The second half of the trip there I had to keep my eyes closed, but I am sure the scenery was beautiful.”

Together to Wherever | 2015

Riding from Chiang Mai to Pai | Northern Thailand

“In the end, it came down to the freedom and flexibility of the bike for us. By riding, we were able to explore the waterfalls, hot springs and other sights along the way rather than almost certainly sleeping the entire way if we caught the minibus!”

Wade and Sarah

Chiang Mai to Pai on The World’s Slowest Scooter

“Thankfully the last hour of the ride was less dramatic, at least in terms of destroying the bike. The view, however, just got better and better. After splashing another litre of gas in the tank via a roadside stall and a soft drink bottle, we coasted down the final mountain and into Pai, tired, hungry and buzzing with adrenaline. It had been an amazing day, and we were both grinning from ear to ear.”

What’s Dave Doing | 2011


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