Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son Loop

Mae Hong Son Motorbike Loop

“The drive there was very easy and enjoyable – great practise before the road to Pai. The first section is flat and quite hot, but the air starts to chill as you make your way along the river and into the dense mountain valleys.  We were so happy that we discovered this town on’s blog, as what started off as a quick one night stop ended up being three nights of mountainscapes, cultural hikes and lazy naps in our hammok. ”

The Married Wanderers | 2017

How to travel the Mae Hong Son loop (without riding a scooter!)

“So what do you do when you read about all these exciting posts about Northern Thailand and you know you can’t get around by scooter?

Well, my answer is to take the bus!

Yep, that humble four-wheeled transport that has served many a good folk and local people for decades. You can avoid walking around like an Egyptian mummy in Pai and instead sit back and take it all in.”

Tripmasher | 2015


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