Bangkok to Surat Thani

Surat Thani

Overnight Sleeper Train: Bangkok to Surat Thani 

“The best option is to book seats on a 2nd class sleeper train (fan) at Hua Lamphong train station, roughly two weeks ahead of your trip. South of Thailand has many popular destinations, so tickets do sell out. This time the lady at the counter offered me a joint ticket consisting of a train to Surat Thani and bus service to Krabi, and back. I agreed, but was later disappointed as upon our return from Krabi the transfer service had some organisational issues, as the bus company wasn’t informed that they had to transfer us from Surat Thani bus station to the train station. So next time we will just book the joint ticket one-way, as it’s generally organised, and it costs roughly the same as it would if you did all the legs on your own (which is more fun and adventurous if you have time).”

Auste Vidmantas | 2016

A Night on a Thai Sleeper Train: From Bangkok to Surat Thani

“Upon returning to my bunk bed, most curtains were closed. Every bed has a curtain which you can close to give you some privacy. I loved this. On European trains, you are sleeping with 6 people in a compartment, with no curtains. Here, you sleep with over 30 people in a carriage, but with the curtains, you have more privacy than when you’re on a European train. I was able to read/undress/rummage through my bag, without annoying my fellow train travellers.”

Non-Stop Destination | 2013

Losing my Southbound Thai Train Virginity – Bangkok to Surat Thani

“As soon as I crawl into my top-bunk I realize I should have spent the extra $1.50. The bunks have curtains to separate you from your other second class sleeping companions, but apparently the lights in second class stay on all night, and the curtains do zilch to block out the florescent light directly above my bunk. There is also no air-conditioning, and no fans. Lani has kept the window open, but the window is next to her bunk and her bunk manages to keep any cool breezes from filtering up to my high berth. So it’s stifling hot, and brilliantly bright.”

Planet Blond | 2012

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